Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shouting against golden walls

"Remember these words my friend: Noone cares. And when I say to you noone I mean noone. One day you might be starving, thirsty, on the street; nobody will bother to turn their heads. We are alone. But not just us, everyone even them the high and mighty who will ignore and mock you. If you want things done you will have to do them yourself. The hard way. Wear a shining armor, grab a singing sword and get on the raging battlfield screaming and yelling, siezing the day, siezing and conquering like warriors that bards sing of in their songs. And in the end when you are lying bleeding n the dirt and that's only when the eyes of the world will be upon you. But dear Patroclus, lest we forget, in a world of earth and fire, of sea, water and wind, we only live to become a mere part of."