Monday, November 28, 2011

Where hearts go to break

 ''How do you know you love someone?''

 ''It's when you get along with each other. You like the same things, and you both enjoy going to certain places. And if you're attracted to each other you have the perfect combination.''

 ''Too shallow''...


''How do you know you love someone?''

 ''If you want to share everything with someone, good staff, bad staff, and you would do anything for that person and don't care about the consequenses. It's about giving everything to someone and be complete just for doing it, without waiting something in return.''

 ''I can feel that's close, but unconditional love ain't love at all''...


 ''How do you know you love someone?''

 ''You just know. From the first time you'll meet a person you might feel it when your eyes meet. A sparkle, a note. It's something beyond our compehension. Our souls know it and our bodies know it. All we have to do is trust the universal bond we have and everything will follow.''

 ''Can't be that easy''..


''How do you know you love someone?''

 ''.. When it's over..''


Thursday, November 24, 2011

The greatest sin

 It's hard to think with a head full of rain. I walked yesterday through blistering cold to get home from work. Some say walking is anxiolytic. I'm sad I don't feel the same about it. Actually I'm sad I don't have the same feelings as most people around me have for most things. Once I got home I swallowed two pills of lexotanil to force myself to sleep.

When in tranqualizers, you never really fall asleep, your spirit doesn't ascend to the heavens to recieve pure relaxing dreams, relieving you even these few hours from the pain of reality. Instead, you pass out, and when you come to your senses you feel all your muscles like you haven't moved them for a year or so.

I woke up, today it's my day off. Although I don't really feel like doing anything. God, what has gotten into me?.. Since when was the last time I enjoyed myself?.. I cannot tell. And I don't want it anymore. I need something anything, that will bring me to my previous energetic state. Some sort of remedy, or an elixir that will bring a soul back to this body. But what is it? What is this that I really lack?

 The phone rings, it's my girlfriend. I don't want to see her. It's not that she can't chear me up, the thing is that it's temporary, once she's gone I'm down again. Some of my friends text me. They will hang out to get some beers. I don't wanna go. Alcohol won't do me any good. Getting wasted it's not the kind of fun I need right now. God damn it..

I put some badass music to listen. I take a look at the pile of comicbooks in my room. I really used to like this staff. I pick a random issue and start reading. It's not that interesting. Not until the last page that is. In the last page was this guy, Nick Fury, talking to captain America's grave. His words reached the deepest corners of my heart.

''The greatest sin is doing nothing, when you could be giving everything.. Of dreaming too small..''

That was it. I killed my dreams and replaced them with meaningless shit. That's the reason I feel this void inside me. My soul hungers for something more, something above the pleasures of the flesh, something full of pure essence. I plan to feed it. I will get rid of the things that keep rotting my mind, all the delusions of love, and fun and well being. I will get something real. Something true. Something that will fill heart with joy, and no matter what I will never let go of it. Something worth fighting for it, dying for it, going to hell for it.

 It's all inside us, but noone can teach us how listen. All we need to do is stand still and pay attention. When it's over we'll be full of scars. It won't be easy. But it will all be worth it.

 I take a look at the box of lexotanils. I throw it away. It's gonna be one long night, leading a series of long nights to come. But it's ok, since I have a sense of purpose. It's ok I can do this. From chained to my weakness, I'll be chasing my weakness away. And dreaming small no more...

Friday, November 18, 2011


''A dream you dream alone is a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.'' - John Lennon

 I woke up in thIe middle of night. I took a look at my alarm clock. 2:00. It's been third night in a row where I cannot sleep. I look at my pillow and it was soaking wet. Was I crying in my sleep? The darkness around me is way too thick. A full grown man been afraid of such thing.. I turn around and try to get some rest. No luck there. I get up and get dressed. Maybe a walk downtown will be just fine..

I get on the street and wait for the bus. Across the street are two prostitudes, with their make up and skirts on, ready to their job. You know some people curse them for choosing the easy way for making money, but I feel sorry for them, cause it won't be long when they will realize that they were walking on the wrong way for too long. The bus arrives..

I take a seat in the back, by the window and watch outside as we pass by all the closed stores and quiet houses. The bus stops at a traffic light. I look outside and I see a couple arguing real intense. Then the guy throws a punch at the girl and knocks her down, and then she bursts into tears. These guys are the worst cowards, they have to hit girls to feel like men..

In about five I'll be reaching my destination. I take a look  at the guy on the other side of the buss. He is doing something, I couldn't tell from the start, but when I took a closer look I noticed that he was making a line out of cocaine and sniff it up his nose real nice. I was really disgusted with him and myself, because I stood my and watched.. Finally I arrived at my stop.

As I walk to reach the plaza I walk in front one of these electro-gothic clubs. I see these girls walking inside, dressed up with mesh stockings and leather sorts. All lustful and ''evil'' and ready and for everything, everywhere. Where did the heart go? Is it worth it to exchange it for a moments pleasure? As I arrive to the plaza I see an empty bench and take a seat..

There are a coule of folks around, drinking beers, smoking pot. I notice my ex-girlfriend. She looks at my direction. I pretend not looking at her. She wants to come over and say hi, but she is too selfish for that, she will wait for me to make that move. But I won't. No reason to play friendly or anything. My phone rang, someone texted me.

 It's my girl, my one and true love. She says she worries too much and she wants to call her. We haven't talked in three days now, I don't want her to have my troubles in her mind. I kinda feel like a cactus. She holds me tight in her arms, and the tighter she holds the more I hurt her with my needles. I didn't respond her. I got carried away by my thoughts of her..

It's almost five o'clock and my stomach is digesting itself. I have eaten almost nothing today, but its not like I have apetite for anything eatable.. I go to the nearest subway station and take a cappuccino from the vending machine. It's hot and sweet and the its fragnance takes me to another heavenly dimesion filling my whole being. But then reality hits me like a kick in the nuts, when I realize that this coffee is nothing but dust mixed with hot water by a souless thing.. I threw it away and get in the subway..

The sun is up when I arrive at home. I got rid of my clothes and fell on my bed. I couldn't stop thinking of her and how much she means to me. With just her in my mind I cried myself to sleep..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As they come, so they go

 Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend. She sounded really upset and told her that it would be best to discuss whatever the problem was face to face rather over the pone, so I asked her to come over. When she arrived I made her a cup of coffee and offered her some of my homemade cupcakes. I turned on the radio and we sat comfortable in the living room. We started talking, and it turned out that she got fired a couple of days ago due to personnel reduction.

 ''You know that was so unfair, they could have fired other guys who were less productive than me, but they mind the personal relationship an employee has with the managers greater than productivity. So unprofessional, and so not fair.. And I've rejected some good job offers by working there and now I'm unemployed and I think it would take me more time than I can afford to get a new job..''

  She was really upset saying these words so I gave my best to try and calm her down.

 ''You know this kind of injustice happens all the time. There are some people who make theirselves up the foodchain by using all the means they have, and this includes immoral ones. But the point is that you have to take a moment and ask yourself, would you go down to their level and become someone who would sell out his dignity just to keep a job, or would you stick to your code and remain true and righteous?''

''I would like to be that romantic but the bottom line is that I have a lot of expenses to cover and unable to right now while some other people, who do not deserve it, are.''

''Well first of all I think that neither of us is qualified to decide what someone else deserves. And as for the first part, as Ghandi said, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change. Getting fired isn't necessery a bad thing. I believe that something good will come out from this story. It's not as it's the end of the world.''

 My words didn't seem to have an effect as strong as I expected. Her mind was still in great confusion because she can realize the gravity of the situation. I gave her a ride back home and she told me that she would stay at her brother's place for a while, until she sets her mind on what to do next. I wished her luck and told her that whatever she needs she could call me anytime, meaning it, for in the end, one another is all we have.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Semblance of love

 It's friday, another lousy day at work where I can't wait for my shift to come to an end. At last the clock reaches five, a get my jacket, wish everyone ''have a nice weekend'' and get the hell out of there. I turn on the radio in my car to catch up with the latest news and to listen to some relaxing music. It's like a gift send out of heaven, takes me to another dimension, since if I dare to look out of the window my conciouness crashes on top of the traffic, protesters, hookers and drunks all over the streets. All loud and dirty and determind that they got it all right.

 The first thing I do once I've arrived at home is getting rid of my shoes. I put some whiskey in a glass and sit back in the couch. The phone disturbs violently my meditation. It's a friend of mine, he wants to hung out in a bar downtown tonight. What the hell, why not?

  I've been waiting for him in the bar for about thirty minutes. I order another drink. This place is crowded with a bunch of losers like myself, thinking they're superior from the other guys who hung out in dance clubs. I look to the entrace to check if my friend arrived. Instead I saw her, Christine. She was wearing leather boots, black tights and a corset. Most people will call her a slut or a whore but it's nothing like that. She feeds on men's flesh. She is an amazon. And every now and then she looks for the strongest, most capable male to conquer and to make sure she still is unable to fall in love.

 I take a look at my watch and return to my drink. Where is that guy anyway?.. I feel a breath in the back of my ear and a whisper.

''Excuse me, do you have a light?''

  It's Christine. Her eyes sparkle as she looks directly into mine. I smile and light the cigarette on her lips.

''I haven't seen you around for a while.. Where you've been?'' she asks me.

''You know, around. Work and staff.''

''That's some nice shirt you're wearing'' she said and put her hand against my chest.

Suddenly my mind left my body and went six months back, to that one fiery night where she was mine. Stone drunk, just I was, losing control on each other,  there was no way we could hold back. It's almost like I can still feel her lips on mine, soft, warm and wet. Her perfume all over my sheets, and my body trembling as much as hers since we were done.

She breaths the smoke on my face and I cannot stop thinking of the sensation of her skin on me. Her voice pulls me down to earth.

''Isn't that Mike?''

God damn it he is. I wave at him so he can see us.

''Hello there,  sorry I'm late''

''It's ok, I had company'' I said.

''So, I leave you guys talk about men staff, I can see someone I know back there, I'll hang out with them. We'll catch up later'', Christine respond.

I watched her walk away and fell kinda sad, then Mike started talking about his wife and the trouble they are having getting through financially. It's not like I don't care, I've known him since forever but my mind is set on her. Christine, the amazon. I've always loved her. Always, and never.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The quiet world

 In an effort to get people to look into each other's eyes more, and also to appease the mutes, the government has decided to allow each person exactly one hundred and sixty-seven words per day.

 When the phone rings I put it to my ear without saying hello. In the restaurant I point at chicken noodle soup. I am adjusting well to the new way.

  Late at night I call my long distance lover, proudly I say I only used fifty-nine words today, I saved the rest for you.

 When she doesn't respond I know she's used up all her words, so I slowly whisper I love you thirty-two and a third times. After that we just sit on the line and listen to each other breath.

-Jeffrey McDaniel