Saturday, December 24, 2011

Midnight cookies

 It's been raining for two days in a row. I'm sitting in the middle of my room, on my nice and comfortable chair, the sound of slow jazz Christmas music is adjusted with perfect hamony to the melody created by the rain hitting on the street. Everything is slightly illuminated by the small lights on my Christmas tree. Those small and faint but colourful lights make her figure look even more divine, even more sinful. Yes, she is right here with me, my warrior woman, ,my valkyrie. Feeling the lighting that strikes some miles away, it's hard even for me to doubt if she's real and not one of Odin's followers, sent to me by the golden halls to give me the night of my life.

She comes close following the slow rythm of the music. Although her skirt reaches the top of her knee she pulls it up a couple of inches as she walks, just enough to remind me of that perfectly smooth legs of hers. She gets as close as it's necessery for her perfume to reach for me and take over my five senses and stands there. She pulls her hands all the way up her belly, then her chest until she reaches the back of her neck. She gives me one of those lustful and wet looks which makes you go nuts even with the thought of putting your lips against hers. And not just the lips, her whole body seems like a temple ready to be worshiped.

Slowly and steady she opens her shirt buttons, unveiling her breast, not all of it, but just enough to make you stare at her for a couple of minutes. She came closer, on top of me but not touching me. She enjoys teasing me, she could do that all night long. She moves up and down infront me, our lips touch for a brief moment, and then she moves, putting my face between her breast and then even more so I am at her belly, Her hand at the back of my head brings me goosebubs that go through my spine to my entire body.

I can feel her breath going through my neck to the back of my ear, and a whisper .. ''I want you. I want now. I want you forever''. I want you forever too babe. My desire for you is like a never-ending flame, meant to last the years to come. I lift her with my arms and throw her on my bed. Even though I'm burning with passion I don't make any hasty moves. I undress with simple and slow moves so she can observe and enjoy every second. When I throw myself at her we both lose control. Our subconsiousness take over, letting our ensticts speak and act for us. Her body is all over me, my hands reach and touch all over her, my lips wipe the sweat off her hot skin.That sensation of two bodies becoming one, so pure and so ferocious.

Once we were done, she fell asleep in my arms. Although the sound of the rain and the soft light of the Christmas tree can be a lullaby that will bring you a great sleep full of lovely dreams,  I cannot sleep, for the fear of her being away the day after keeps me wandering in my head. Then she gives me a kiss on the right chick and says she loves me. Now I can ascend to a beautiful relaxing sleep full of dreaming wonders.

All I want for Christmas is you babe..


  1. Well written piece, and +1 on Toni Braxton.

  2. Deep Deep Deep dude. Enjoyed every minute of it. Locked in and ready for the ride this blogs about to go on. Followed. Happy Holidays

  3. That was awesome! I'm about to get me some full of dreaming wonders

  4. Can I unwrap that present too? Nice