Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Y W E A K ?

 Last night I went downtown to get a couple of drinks. My girlfriend was studing for her exams so I called a guy I know through the univercity to keep me company.

He is a decent guy. With his job and house and girls and all. But he doesn't seem like it. He always seem to be missing something. A void in him.

He kept telling me about other people, how they make it and do great things, things that he wanted too. And also how the media manipulates any sort of things. I kept telling him that the answer is simpler than he thinks.

 ''Thing is we've made it too easy for them. Take a look at ourselves. We're so absorbed by the small staff, and they take advantage of it, and it's only natural. The field and players might have changed but the rules are still the same. The best man wins. To succeed you must suffer. You have to sacrifice. You have to devote yourself to your goal. If you do but still feel incomlete, it means your goal is not what you really want. It's not so easy to get to know yourself.  But you don't have to stop and settle for what has been given, always try for more. The vikings, you know,used to believe that it is a blasphemy to pray asking for something, because their gods had already made them perfect with all the potential they'll need. We, on the other hand, are taught to be weak spirited due to bad influence and low standards.''

''..And now what?''

''Well, at least now you know.''

 It's almost 1 o'clock and I make my way home on foot. Thor stikes the earth with bright thunder and heavy rain, trying to wash away and purify the corruption of mankind. It's not ok to settle. It's not ok to leave things as they are. Telling myself that my life is ok as it is won't do me any good. I've done some fucked up mistakes and choices, but I am here knowing it, not hiding it, not telling again and again myself that since I wanted it at a given moment in the past automatically makes it right and good.

 A world full of smiling cannibals, covering their rotten skin with make up, money-starving attention whores. The good thing is that we will learn how to swim, by watching you drown.


  1. Great read, and I think you're right. The hard thing I think is to really know what you want, give me something that could tell me that and I'd be all set.

  2. Very true and well said :))) & consider yourself tagged in my post :)))

  3. What if one of us did a psychological profile of you based on your answers and the fact that you've managed to keep the avi's from showing up on your comment section. As a neuroscientist, I'd say it has something to do with your medial prefrontal cortex. I really like Dani, she's a hoot. Always does great posts!

    1. Dear Anne, I'm sorry if my post insulted you, I'm not forcing anyone to take it, anyone is free to do a psychological profile based on my answers, I don't know what avi's is and I don't know what your diagnosis about my medial prefrontal cortex means even though I read the spefic article in wikipedia. I don't have any plans of using any of the information, the quiz was just to entertain my readers. That is all, I hope you've enjoyed my other post more than this one(if you have bothered to take a look at the post above or below you shouldhave realized first thing that it has nothing to do with the last one).