Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye Halcyon days

''Left are the kings of the Carnival Creation, carring out the echoes of the fallen.''

 Last night I couldn'n sleep again. Dammit, I hate it when this happens, my body feeling so exhausted and tired, but my mind still in haste. I get off my bed, I just want to get outside. I get close to the window but I can tell from the sounds that it's raining heavily. Well, it's not raining, it's a hailstorm.

 ''Fuck that shit, if I stay in for another minute I will propably lose my mind''

 Talking to myself was always a sign of me going downhill. I wear the warmest clothes I have, I put lots of whiskey in a flask, wear a raincoat -implying it will do any good- and take of.

 As soon I got out I drunk a huge sup of whiskey. The wind is blowing as hell and I try to take shelter in my own clothes.  When I finally reached the metro station the booze was already over and my mind was taking me places.

  I've reached downtown in a blink of an eye. Riots took place the day before so the streets are still in ruins. The walls are written all over with all kinds of anti-political quotes, ''eat the rich'', ''state kills'', ''freedom isn't free'' and a lot simiral words inspiring conflict. In fact, politics were never good. It's just that we are used to live in comfort and it's hard to accept change and to adapt to the new status.

 I saw a couple holding each other's hand tight trying to catch a bus.  This scene got me really emotional and sad. I found a place to keep me away from the storm and light a smoke. Too bad there is no more whiskey. I took a look at my cellphone. Out of reach. I didn't expect to get a signal in this kind of weather.

 When I finished my cigarette I got back home. My body couldn't take it any more so I fell asleep, but my mind was still in haste, running hand to hand with her, trying to catch a bus.


  1. Great write-up, man. Things can be harsh sometimes.

  2. Great post mate...it really makes you think and through some normal habits like the ones you said-get out with a flask full of whiskey or walk in the ruined streets- people can think twice and change...