Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We called it ''Sin''

The beast rose proud from the depth of sea,
Mighty and furious and from its chains free,
Making its way to us with full force
Walking fast on our heart's pulse

Full of hatred and anger aimed
To the creator that  restrained
And turned away from his lonely child
Who demanded bliss but made it wild

And the god-made man turned his back in fear
To his offspring coming near
Demanding just the pleasure, reject the pain
A fission which cannot keep you sane

Solitude and sorrow will be the only price
Heart and soul turning into ice
"All monsters are human" is what she said
As she watched him cry on his bed

When one not accepts what he's made
Having left no soul to trade
Heaven's shield and hellish blade
On earth them both will degrade.

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