Saturday, April 21, 2012

The prisoner's dilemma

''Lies... This loud, clumsy, stupid thing -- this is the weapon of the enemy. ... We will not use it.''

 The other day I was out for a cup of coffee and on my way home I found a book on the bus stop. Noone was around so I guessed that someone caught the bus and left it behind. I took a look at it, it was an elementary book for writing essays, this one was focused on interpertation of key terms, how and when we use them. It was quite interesting. Well to be honest, there was a spefic term that it really caught my attention.

popularism: - the existance of simplifying partitionist discrimination, deifying the black-and-white logic
                    - the view of the people as incorruptible, inpeccable, innocent and uninvolved in any wrong desisions and failures
                    -the existance of a gifted leader

 Well, that sure rings a bell. With the awful financial state we currently are, and the elections coming on in a few days, all I see is people blaming everyone but themselves for our misery, waiting to idolize our new savior, our new hero who will bring the days of prosperity back, and make it all  like the way they were.

 That's not how it works and I hope people will get to know it before it's too late - as if it already isn't. We took it to the point of no return, misleading our own selves. Life is not a fairytale. There is no white knight in a shining armor coming to save us. Everyone is busy trying to find the someone who will do something different, not knowing that someone is noone but ourselves.

 I've always wondered, if there weren't the media to manipulate the mob's thoughts, what would they think of? Would anyone be brave? Or even more mislead? Knowning only everything what the media provides us, we only get a tiny part of the picture. It seems that our world is a lot like Skynet. The system spreads to the whole planet, it's learning from it's mistakes and it's evolving constantly. Even if the evolution of one species means the exctinction of another.


  1. nice post man really kbow this problem pf blaming everyone but ourselves was already very common so the roots of the problem is how people control their money.hyperconsuming i would say is a major problem so leyts start from ther...xd

  2. We kind of have the same thinking, but the only difference is that you are more serious, while I try to bring it out trough irony and humor. Good article, following.

  3. The prisoner's dilemma : different options to choose with he same result ... :/

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    1. I don't believe that you have to hate politics, just the way that politics is executed.

      In regards to the post, you have an interesting writing style... It pretty much cemented my follow.

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  7. Song reminds me of Hatebreed - Facing What Consumes you. Pretty sick! nice blog, going to follow.