Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tunnel fright

Them? What about them?
They will keep using their common sense.
Common, as in 'commoner' or 'plebeian'.
The genius of the crowd, as that dirty old man once said.
Their primer feeling is hatred

I never got to understand them you know.
How come one human being
Be stand in front of  the uknown
And in front of that magnificent emotion
Of adapting
Of evolving
And finally ending up choosing rejection.

Those individuals must be truly mislead
To believe that there is not more than reaches the eye
To believe that our essence and of that everything that surround us is worthless.

Even if our gods and all of our hopes are scientific
Yet here we are
Loving and living
To the tunes of the universal strings
And through the transcending energy of the stars.

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