Thursday, May 3, 2012

Armor of insanity

 They offered me another glass of wine. Although they seem a bit friendly I can't let myself go completely. Their attention is all focused on us. They keep asking us about our lives, our devotion. 

 The look in their eyes is telling me that they look down on us. I answer their questions, not trying to hide anything - nothing there to hide really, but also trying to avoid verbal traps. 

 I take a look at the fire that keeps us warm. So quite, yet so powerful, ready to devour all those who don't respect her strenght, but there to protect those who will feed her. 

  ''And so, what do you do, when you have to act? When you ''charge'' towards your enemies? Is there any prayer or a warcry?..''

 I took a sip of wine and looked at his face. He had his stare fixed on me, preying on what I will say. I answered anyway..

 ''I think of her.. Her long black hair,  her soft skin.. Her scent touching gently my lips. I call her name loud, so my enemies would know I have something to protect, that I would take this to the edge..''

 ''I thought knights were godfearing men..'' he said smiling.. ''Isn't it a blasphemy to call upon a human than to a higher and divine power?''

 It's a hard thing to describe a feeling to the insensitive. It's like having a disability. Emotionally blind people, turning their envy into hate and trying to make us look like fools. 

 I took another sip of wine.

 I looked at his face.

 ''I think of her.... The rest is easy.'' 


  1. I played the song whilst reading, went with it really well! Awesome stuff.