Friday, April 12, 2013

Fight on. Fear not.

"What a disgrace really, for a man to grow old, never finding out what he is capable of."

 The bus' night route will be the same no matter what, I guess. The driver always going as fast as hell to reach the terminal, a couple of wasted junkies at the back side sleeping and a bunch of losers like myself not having something better to do on a Saturday night. Being working too much in the last months has led me to spend too much time to myself. Realizing that I decided to go downtown hoping to find someone I know to spend some time with.

 First thing I do when I arrive is getting a cold beer from the liquer store and a pack of smokes. I take a look around and spot some guys I've been knowing since a long time. They' re really excited to see me since I've been away for some time. I don't care that much that they didn't contact me anyway.

 The conversations were about various staff, but mainly they were focusing on the ''system''. How it controls our lives, not being able to react, being enslaved over nothing. I remember them telling me how we have to work more than we should, that life should be easier.

 "Easy living isn't living" I said. "A sheep's life is easy. It is offered its food daily and doesn't care where it is or where it's going. All decisions are made by someone else. So someone deciding for your life doesn't qualify as living actually. A panther's life, on the other hand, is hard. The panther has to be faster and more agile than its prey or face starvation. The panther has to be stronger than an other male panther to be able to mate, and has to remain strong in order to not be killed by another rival. This is earning your life. Not easy, but more similar to free.''

 "Society doesn't always play fair", they said. "There are people that will gladly stab you on the back"

 "Vultures and hyaenas feast on rotten corpses, that's the best they can do. They will always live in fear of the one who doesn't count on the opponents disease to win.''

 It is almost 5 o'clock in the morning so I guess it is time to get back home. I thank everyone for the company and leave.

 The subway was crowded with people going to their jobs. Not willing. Not satisfied. Not free.

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