Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Believe in the ideal, not in the idol

 Yesterday I got really tired of home. I got my jacket and my pack of smokes and headed for the park. I left my cellphone on my desk, I need some quality time for myself. I made only one stop on my way, to the liqueur store. I got a bottle of scotch, you know that small ones that pass around these days, that are just a quarter of the litre, more than enough if you ask me. And so, since I got full equipped, I arrive at the park find an empty bench and sit back comfortable.

 The dusk was giving me a strange feeling, a weird tranquility. I wandered into my thoughts and lost the track of time until a familiar voice brought me down to earth.

 ''Hey hi there! How come you're by yourself?''

 ''Hello, nice surprise! The walls where drowning me so I just headed out''

 She was a friend of mine, we've been neighbours for several years and we hang out now and then. A typical girl in her twenties. We talked about random things at first, but the conversation lead to a place where she is tells me on and on how much she needs a change in her life.

 ''I think I might change my hair style and my dress code. It might get me more successful at work and with guys you know..'' she said.

 The whiskey was already kicking in so I spoke out my mind..

 ''Respect isn't something that can be won over by clothes. A job is not only a matter of what seat you have, and how much you get paid. A relationship is not just about sex. Friendship ain't just hitting bars and getting wasted. There's more in that. So much more and you're putting it aside over nothing.''

 ''You're not completely right. Money, sex and entertainment may not be the only things, but they are the the things modern society was built on. And as about respect, my looks is just a mean I am willing to use to get it.''

 With that answer of her she put on her serious looks and was looking at me straight into the eye waiting for my answer. So I felt like quoting some lines taken by a movie..

 ''You are not your clothes. You are not your job. You are not the money you have in the bank. You are not the things you possess. And more important, judging by what you said, you are not special. Everyone is willing to sell out their dignity and morals for a good job or to get the best looking guy or girl, so you are just following up the stream. Does that suit up with you? Does it make you feel complete? I doubt. It just gives you a semblance of happiness and well being. By imitating the life a celebrity or anyone you look up to it doesn't mean that you will be him. Or even more, how do you know that the lifestyle the media shows up aren't just a part of the show? Just to make you feel less miserable...''

 I got drifted away by excitement, I could be lecturing for hours, but I couldn't wait for her to feed me with her response..

 ''You know, we are still young, we are allowed to make mistakes, and to act without thinking. It doesn't mean that I will do that for the rest of my life.''

 ''This is the rest of your life, and you are wasting it minute by minute, by being emotionless to things with value and by worshiping bastards like Luis Viton and Lamborghini. They gave you the delusion of supremacy, after they gave you the feeling that successful people are connected to these staff. The truth is that successful people aren't connected with staff at all, they bond with other people. That's their strength, that's their blessing.''

 She was looking at the ground thinking of the things I said.

 ''So what are you suggesting?''

 I smiled, looked her and said

 ''All you need is love, babe..''

 She smiled back, gave me a hug and drunk a sip of my whiskey.

 We got another one of that small bottles at the liqueur store, we talked a little more and went to the theatre to watch a late movie. When it was over I walked her home, she lives close to me anyway. She asked me to come upstairs for a goodnight drink, but I had staff of my own on my head so I refused kindly and scheduled for another night.

 For another night.. You know, lonely people aren't alone because they enjoy solitude. They are alone because they tried but are unable to find a way to fit in..

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