Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Separation anxiety

 The other night I got a really disturbing call from my sister. It's not what she said, like more how she said it. She tried to act cool and staff but I could tell that she was really worried. I'm doing military service for several months now and despite the fact that I want to be there for her I really can't for I am serving quite far from home. And we used to be really close, since both of our parents have passed away, all we have is oneother.

 Anyway, she was at home when she called me, she had been with some of her coworkers to a friend's house to watch a movie have a glass of wine, you know this kind of staff. So it got late and decided to go home. They offered her a ride but her place is nearby so she said she would rather walk. And that's where it gets weird. She told me that outside our place was a guy in a parked car watching at the front door. I asked her why didn't she call the police and she told me that she would feel embarassed if she was wrong and that was just a random guy waitng for his friend.

 I tried to play it cool too, but in fact I was worried sick. That moment I really wished I would be there so she won't have to be afraid, not just this guy, but any guy or situation that threatens to bring her misfortune. But I said nothing, the last thing I wanted was to make her even more anxious. I hang up with a simple ''Goodnight, if anything happens don't hesitate to call me anytime.''

Next morning I got a call from the police. They called to tell me that a crime took place in the building me and my sister live. I almost passed out hearing those words but the officer told me that it took place in another appartment but they called to asked if I knew the residents. I told them that a girl used to stay in that appartment, she was a student or something. A creep broke into her appartment, raped and killed her. I got sick hearing that, and I couldn't believe that my sister could be in her place..

When she was done with her statement I was able to talk to her. She told me that she identified the dude that was waiting in the car and after that he confessed that he did it. He said that he was waiting for the perfect victim. He described every little sick detail of his actions. He also said that this girl was a random victim, nothing personal. The police asked why he didn't atack my sister instead. He said that he was about to, but as soon he walked out of the car he was spotted by the man in a soldier's unifom, walking in the same appartment as she did.


  1. Oh dear, that is scary. I'm glad your sister is alright and that the attacker was caught. It's horrible when you feel helpless.

  2. Thats a crazy story, good that your sister is fine though.

  3. Wow, that is crazy...
    Glad to hear that your sister is OK