Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As they come, so they go

 Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend. She sounded really upset and told her that it would be best to discuss whatever the problem was face to face rather over the pone, so I asked her to come over. When she arrived I made her a cup of coffee and offered her some of my homemade cupcakes. I turned on the radio and we sat comfortable in the living room. We started talking, and it turned out that she got fired a couple of days ago due to personnel reduction.

 ''You know that was so unfair, they could have fired other guys who were less productive than me, but they mind the personal relationship an employee has with the managers greater than productivity. So unprofessional, and so not fair.. And I've rejected some good job offers by working there and now I'm unemployed and I think it would take me more time than I can afford to get a new job..''

  She was really upset saying these words so I gave my best to try and calm her down.

 ''You know this kind of injustice happens all the time. There are some people who make theirselves up the foodchain by using all the means they have, and this includes immoral ones. But the point is that you have to take a moment and ask yourself, would you go down to their level and become someone who would sell out his dignity just to keep a job, or would you stick to your code and remain true and righteous?''

''I would like to be that romantic but the bottom line is that I have a lot of expenses to cover and unable to right now while some other people, who do not deserve it, are.''

''Well first of all I think that neither of us is qualified to decide what someone else deserves. And as for the first part, as Ghandi said, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change. Getting fired isn't necessery a bad thing. I believe that something good will come out from this story. It's not as it's the end of the world.''

 My words didn't seem to have an effect as strong as I expected. Her mind was still in great confusion because she can realize the gravity of the situation. I gave her a ride back home and she told me that she would stay at her brother's place for a while, until she sets her mind on what to do next. I wished her luck and told her that whatever she needs she could call me anytime, meaning it, for in the end, one another is all we have.

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  1. You sound like a very good friend. It's always important to be there for someone who loses their job, especially in these troubling times.