Friday, November 18, 2011


''A dream you dream alone is a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.'' - John Lennon

 I woke up in thIe middle of night. I took a look at my alarm clock. 2:00. It's been third night in a row where I cannot sleep. I look at my pillow and it was soaking wet. Was I crying in my sleep? The darkness around me is way too thick. A full grown man been afraid of such thing.. I turn around and try to get some rest. No luck there. I get up and get dressed. Maybe a walk downtown will be just fine..

I get on the street and wait for the bus. Across the street are two prostitudes, with their make up and skirts on, ready to their job. You know some people curse them for choosing the easy way for making money, but I feel sorry for them, cause it won't be long when they will realize that they were walking on the wrong way for too long. The bus arrives..

I take a seat in the back, by the window and watch outside as we pass by all the closed stores and quiet houses. The bus stops at a traffic light. I look outside and I see a couple arguing real intense. Then the guy throws a punch at the girl and knocks her down, and then she bursts into tears. These guys are the worst cowards, they have to hit girls to feel like men..

In about five I'll be reaching my destination. I take a look  at the guy on the other side of the buss. He is doing something, I couldn't tell from the start, but when I took a closer look I noticed that he was making a line out of cocaine and sniff it up his nose real nice. I was really disgusted with him and myself, because I stood my and watched.. Finally I arrived at my stop.

As I walk to reach the plaza I walk in front one of these electro-gothic clubs. I see these girls walking inside, dressed up with mesh stockings and leather sorts. All lustful and ''evil'' and ready and for everything, everywhere. Where did the heart go? Is it worth it to exchange it for a moments pleasure? As I arrive to the plaza I see an empty bench and take a seat..

There are a coule of folks around, drinking beers, smoking pot. I notice my ex-girlfriend. She looks at my direction. I pretend not looking at her. She wants to come over and say hi, but she is too selfish for that, she will wait for me to make that move. But I won't. No reason to play friendly or anything. My phone rang, someone texted me.

 It's my girl, my one and true love. She says she worries too much and she wants to call her. We haven't talked in three days now, I don't want her to have my troubles in her mind. I kinda feel like a cactus. She holds me tight in her arms, and the tighter she holds the more I hurt her with my needles. I didn't respond her. I got carried away by my thoughts of her..

It's almost five o'clock and my stomach is digesting itself. I have eaten almost nothing today, but its not like I have apetite for anything eatable.. I go to the nearest subway station and take a cappuccino from the vending machine. It's hot and sweet and the its fragnance takes me to another heavenly dimesion filling my whole being. But then reality hits me like a kick in the nuts, when I realize that this coffee is nothing but dust mixed with hot water by a souless thing.. I threw it away and get in the subway..

The sun is up when I arrive at home. I got rid of my clothes and fell on my bed. I couldn't stop thinking of her and how much she means to me. With just her in my mind I cried myself to sleep..

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  1. Girls have an amazing way of climbing into your thoughts and dreams.