Saturday, November 12, 2011

Semblance of love

 It's friday, another lousy day at work where I can't wait for my shift to come to an end. At last the clock reaches five, a get my jacket, wish everyone ''have a nice weekend'' and get the hell out of there. I turn on the radio in my car to catch up with the latest news and to listen to some relaxing music. It's like a gift send out of heaven, takes me to another dimension, since if I dare to look out of the window my conciouness crashes on top of the traffic, protesters, hookers and drunks all over the streets. All loud and dirty and determind that they got it all right.

 The first thing I do once I've arrived at home is getting rid of my shoes. I put some whiskey in a glass and sit back in the couch. The phone disturbs violently my meditation. It's a friend of mine, he wants to hung out in a bar downtown tonight. What the hell, why not?

  I've been waiting for him in the bar for about thirty minutes. I order another drink. This place is crowded with a bunch of losers like myself, thinking they're superior from the other guys who hung out in dance clubs. I look to the entrace to check if my friend arrived. Instead I saw her, Christine. She was wearing leather boots, black tights and a corset. Most people will call her a slut or a whore but it's nothing like that. She feeds on men's flesh. She is an amazon. And every now and then she looks for the strongest, most capable male to conquer and to make sure she still is unable to fall in love.

 I take a look at my watch and return to my drink. Where is that guy anyway?.. I feel a breath in the back of my ear and a whisper.

''Excuse me, do you have a light?''

  It's Christine. Her eyes sparkle as she looks directly into mine. I smile and light the cigarette on her lips.

''I haven't seen you around for a while.. Where you've been?'' she asks me.

''You know, around. Work and staff.''

''That's some nice shirt you're wearing'' she said and put her hand against my chest.

Suddenly my mind left my body and went six months back, to that one fiery night where she was mine. Stone drunk, just I was, losing control on each other,  there was no way we could hold back. It's almost like I can still feel her lips on mine, soft, warm and wet. Her perfume all over my sheets, and my body trembling as much as hers since we were done.

She breaths the smoke on my face and I cannot stop thinking of the sensation of her skin on me. Her voice pulls me down to earth.

''Isn't that Mike?''

God damn it he is. I wave at him so he can see us.

''Hello there,  sorry I'm late''

''It's ok, I had company'' I said.

''So, I leave you guys talk about men staff, I can see someone I know back there, I'll hang out with them. We'll catch up later'', Christine respond.

I watched her walk away and fell kinda sad, then Mike started talking about his wife and the trouble they are having getting through financially. It's not like I don't care, I've known him since forever but my mind is set on her. Christine, the amazon. I've always loved her. Always, and never.


  1. Haha "crowded with a bunch of losers like myself, thinking they're superior from the other guys who hung out in dance clubs"

    Exactly how I feel bro!

  2. Hope I never know that feeling. I'm perfectly happy with my girlfriend.