Thursday, January 26, 2012

Opus dei

 ''The enemy is here.
They won't sleep.
They won't rest.
They won't relent.
They want you to stop.
They want you to give in.
They want you to lose.
They want you to draw back.

Don't fear.
Don't pray.

I am here too.

I am the warming sun that melts away the snow.
I am the relieving breeze that dries your sweat away.
I am the raging storm inspiring the brave.
I am the sense of purpose.
I am the quite voice in your head telling you not to give up.
I am the violent battlecry scattering your enemies.

Pain is tempory.
Glory is eternal.
Courage is immortal.''


  1. feeling poetic??? you ve got it too!!!courage can makes as live forever you are totally right!!!

  2. the love the amount of fight in this poem, your writings are heroic!

  3. not what I was expecting from "manawar"