Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hope leaves

Last night woke up to a fiery nightmare:
I was living inside a concrete cage,
Forcing myself to wake up every morning;
Forcing myself to fall sleep every night.
There was nothing else but the screen
Talking to the screen,
Learning from the screen,
Loving through the screen.
Sometimes it was so small it could fit in your palm.
Sometimes it made you feel lilliputian.
But always there, like a loyal servant.

I remember standing on the edge of my cage
To see hundreds of others:
Countless piles of concrete boxes,
With countless lilliputian men living in them.

That was when I closed my eyes
Trying to imagine how would another world feel like:

I tried to think of myself in front of the wild ocean,
Breathing upon me,
Allowing its air to fill my lungs;

Inside a calm forest
Feeling the sun caressing my skin
Blessing me with its warmth;

Then, in a prairie, so serene
That the beating heart in my chest
And the streaming tears running on my chicks
Were in perfect harmony with the earth's pulse.

My eyes were still soaking wet when I came to my senses
Of the painful vision
Of a man's needs.

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