Monday, May 5, 2014

Our truth

I have a part in everything
Every day I am  called to fight for what is right, for what is just.
For all evil men need, is good men doing nothing.
We all have a part in everything
And our part in this play is to smash the usurpers
To smash them hard.

The machine has only but a few concerns:
Feasting on the sweat of our brow
Sending our brothers to fight their wars for them
Doing everything in their power to keep us down

But all we need is a fighting chance
And he is giving it to us.
That fat sleazy pedophile thinks we are kidding
He stands on his porch all high and mighty and shouts in his devilish tongue:
"Quem vultis dimittam vobis?"

And we scream with all our might
"Barabbas!" "Barabbas!"
We scream until we have no voice left in our lungs 
Until our throats bleed and our eyes turn red

Oh, I can see the tyrant's face
Looking with regret at the poor madman he sentenced to death
Then with disappointment at the hero he is releasing to us
Oh! mighty savior! Your name is meant to echo through eternity!

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  1. Yay! A Christian!! Let's go bloody barhopping in Seventh-Heaven, dude. Follow us and wiseabove...

    What's your address again in the hereafter, dear?? Mine is: 111 Rock-Solid-Diamond Ave, Seventh-Heaven - a quaint, cul de sac/stuccoish mansion on d'south side of town with mountain biking trails in all directions you may conform with your thots... AND, of course, a sassy, savvy, insane, beyond ultra-intense-party-hardy every evening with avatars/faeries/intensive DNA... and anything else we desire. RSVP. Wanna join me? trustNjesus.
    ...cuzz the other realm aint too cool.