Monday, September 5, 2011

Coronation of conformity

 Yesterday I took the bus as usual to get to work. Casual and speachless people all arond me. Except for a small group of some guys, they should be going to a college a university or something. They kept talking about how shitty things are getting in this country, about economics, politics and staff and how small we are to affect these circumstances.

 Well, if you're reading this, here is my advice for you: Stop whining like little spoiled bitches! What do you expect from the world to do? To bend over and wait for you to have your fun? If you think that good things just happen, I have some bad news for you. You will suffer, and you will struggle and you will bleed. Your demons won't go down that easy, you will have to reap their hearts off their chests with your bare hands.

 It won't matter if you are a good person. It won't matter if you're a good employee or a good husband. It won't even matter if you have a diploma in nuclear fusion. The only crimes in this world are idiocy, indolence and arrogance. Take a look at the person at the top.What do you lack that he has? A vision. A passion. And potential. They don't have to be nice or good or educated. But it would make a great difference if they were.

 Those ''civilized'' people who are in charge, they have ruined the land and poisoned the air not because they are bad, because we let them do it. Because we didn't care. Because we compromised way to easy. And the only one and unbearable truth is that the only thing that evil needs to dominate over the world is for good men to do nothing.

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