Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have heart

 Ignorance is bliss. Yet we set out to learn and experience the world. Why would we do this if it only makes us unhappy?

 We do it because even when we were ignorant we could tell there was something we lacked, something others had. We know it the same way a man who hadn't eaten would know hunger. So we begun to grow up and by this logic We should regret it. But we won't.

 Knowledge and understanding underpin appreciation and enjoyment of life supreme and incomperable beauty. We.. I, will never choose to return to ignorance because it robs me off all I have become and I have seen.

 It is only by allowing to myselves to see the stark horrors that exist that I could grow to understand and love all that is good. There is so much good in the world. The fact that some choose to see only darkness and pine for ignorance is beyond my comprehention.

 I will never return to the cloying darkness of ignorance. I will face the truth with adventure in my heart.

 Feel free to join me.

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