Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lion's share

 The music is starting to getting on my nerves. Hearing the same shit over and over again. We've been waiting for Tony, the boss, over an hour to split the loot, he's been busy talking to the phone.. He does that kind of stuff. It's not like he's eccentric, he's the leader of the pack, his word must be taken seriously.

 Vito , the third of the gang, on the other hand, is a more light headed guy. He will make a joke and laugh just by himself and he wouldn't mind if people make fun of him. He also has a girlfriend, although she also sees some other guys, but Vito claims she loves only him.

  "Dames.. Always bitching around.." Tony said as he entered the room. He took a chair and sat right next to us on the table. He took a look on the money and said: "What the fuck is that shit??!" Vito looked at him and said: "While you were on the phone I split the money, three shares, same money for all of us"

 Tony didn't like that. Not one bit. He drew out his gun and fired a bullet right between Vito's eyes. I witnessed the moment in shock. When Vito's body finally hit the floor, Tony fired up a smoke and said: "I guess we need just two shares, right? Split them."

 I was holding my breath and remaining calm all the time. I separated a really small amount of the money on the one side of the table and put all the rest on the other.

 "Ok, that's it. Choose your share." He looked at them and said : "Who the hell taught you to split money that way?" I replied calm: "Vito just did"

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