Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Another party at the univesity... The time is about four o'clock and almost everyone is stone drunk. The music is loud as hell and all is dancing their brains out. Me and my girlfriend are making out, and we decide that is time we get some more privacy. So we try to find an empty classroom or corridor or anything that would suffice. Likely we found an unlocked door, we took a look inside, all was clear. There in the dark, we didn't waste any time, we got on a random desk and keep on right where we were. One or two minutes have passed when she told me to stop. I asked her what's wrong and she told me that the pictures on the wall are freaking her out. I looked at them and she was awfully right.They were all portraits and all nasty ones, I observed them real close, a guy with no teeth and a scar upon his face, an old woman with no hair on her head, a clown, and several more, all odd looking and staring right on us. I tell her it's ok and that there is nothing to be afraid of but inside I was trembling of fear. So we just stay in each others arms and fall asleep on a chair.

 When the morning came, the janitor woke us up angry and crabbed as always. Yelling about how we do not respect school property and that lecture kind of stuff. Ofcourse I didn't pay any attention to him. I wanted to see the  portraits that made us have a restless sleep. But on the walls there weren't any portraits, only windows.

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