Thursday, September 1, 2011


 I light a smoke and take a look at that perfect body of hers. She is a goddess, lying next to me. The time is almost four o'clock and I can still feel her lipstick and perfume all over my body. She may be asleep but she still has this pure joyfull and bloodlusty smile of the battle. And so am I.

 My heart is still beating faster and louder as I keep looking at her. All I can only think about is the taste of her sweat and that voice of hers just like a siren's melody hypnotizing me and making me  lose control one more time.

 She is a valkyrie. And she's by my side. Ready to take over my body and guide me through the battlefield to the golden halls to celebrate another victory the way we only know. One of a kind, never seen before. Keeping my mind and heart in sanity, never see through anyone elses eyes.

 The perfect woman. The goddess. A valkyrie. By my side.

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