Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hear the tyrants scream

 Recent events have led to the following conclusions:

 People in charge are having sadistic pleasure by us. They want to use their full force, they want prove who's stronger, but normal people wouldn't just create conflict, so they push us. They push us to our limits where cannot take anymore, so we react, we protest, we riot. And that's where they come in with their poison and many other suppresion means that they have made up. But this time I get the feeling that it's something else. There is something more.

 They got powersick. They want to take it to another level. They want war. They want to know our true limits, if we mean it when we say it's all or nothing. They will push us to the edge so that we explode and they could get their satisfaction out of this collision. They want to see if we can really take them down. Deep inside them they want us to. They need us to take it of them. It's the only way for them to selfdestruct and get rid of that twisted mind of theirs.I'm getting more and more used to the idea that we will watch a whole system been taken down.

 And I think that I speak for all if I say that the gun is on their head, and we will gladly pull the trigger.

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