Thursday, September 29, 2011

She's all three wishes

 It's early in the afternoon and I'm sitting infront of my laptop browsing random sites, watching videos, listening to some chilling music. Same shit, different day, boring the hell out of myself. The people are trying their best to keep us interested on the screen but I guess they should try harder.

 The door opens and my girlfriend walks in. She just got out of the shower. She walks to me slowly so I can watch her getting closer. She stands behind my chair and takes a look at the screen.

 ''Anything interesting happening around the world?'', she said.

 ''Too much taking place, so little time to deal with all of them''

 ''I see..''

 She leans towards the screen and lets me feel her breasts against the back of my head. Her scent is all over my room, charming, making a thousand promises of pleasures. I turn around and kiss her. Her lips have the sweetest taste, I can hardly keep my hands of her chicks and neck.

 When we stopped kissing, she walked a step away from me, looked me and the eye and let that towel covering that perfect body of hers go, exposing herself to me. With her eyes still on me, she crawls on the bed. She says she wants me. I guess there is no need to hold back.

 I take off my shirt and throw myself at her. She doesn't waste any time either. Her skin is soft and warm, and every part of her body is perfectly symmetrical,  makes you doubt that this really happening and that it's not another dream. She keeps her hands all over me, grabbing my arms and back with her nails until I bleed.

 Only fiffteen minutes have passed but we're already sweaty. My heart is beating so hard I can bearly hear anything else. All I can see is the woman of my life making my wildest fantasies into fact and all I can hear is her moaning and asking for more. We keep going on and on on each other, like wild animals, being released of their prison to get together, unable to control them selves, unwilling to stop...

 Time was passing by and the music has stopped. She's lying in my arms trying to calm down. We're looking at each other, not saying anything, because there is no need to speak, our eyes speak for themselves. She reaches for my pack of smokes. She lights up two cigarettes and offers me one. I get up and go to the computer.

 ''I'm putting on some music. Do you have any preferance, babe?''

 ''No, it's ok, suit yourself'''

 She inhaled some of the smoke and keep staring at my moves.

 ''Do you love me babe?''she asked

 ''You know I do''

 ''Yes, but how much??''

 Her round black eyes were looking right into mine, radiating of joy and excitement for what she's about to hear.

 ''If I had a pool so big that I could fit in it the whole ocean, it still wouldn't be enough to fit for my feelings for you..''

 Hearing these words she could help it and she burst out laughing.

 ''Boys can be so silly..''she said as she took me in her arms lied till we fall to a dreamful sleep.



  1. Nice... I wish I could have something like that happen with me...

  2. Very nicely written! good pacing.